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Supportive design is a small business with a team that approaches project design and management with a philosophy of implementing basic fundamentals to reach the goal of each client. Our process is a lean design approach using evidence based design and BIM software.


Our understanding of the vision and demonstrating it with images allows us to move smoothly through programming then to a design review and development for a final documentation that we are able to administer through construction. Our principal and key project team members are there from the beginning all the way through the end with a very hands on approach, always being able to be reached in the line of communication.


Our team offers:  Codes/ ADA/ Feasibility Analysis, As-Builds Space, Inventory, Programming, Architecture, Interior Design, Space Planning, Finish Specifications, Furniture Specifications, Artwork/ Accessories, Wayfinding/Logo/Signage, Project Management, Move Management, Design Build Packages.


The firm maintains standards of professional services using the latest technology, networking opportunities, informative publications, and current research findings.  Supportive design research provides harmony and well begin in any environment through application of three basis principals; sense of control, social support and positive distractions.

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